Will the SCO-IBM lawsuit hurt the OSS community?

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Thread: Will the SCO-IBM lawsuit hurt the OSS community?

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    Will the SCO-IBM lawsuit hurt the OSS community?

    I've been reading a lot about this lawsuit lately and it does make me worry a little bit.
    From what I've read, it appears that if SCO wins the lawsuit, parts of the Linux kernel will fall into their hands. By "fall into their hands" I mean it will become their intellectual property, meaning that they can ask as much $ for it as they want.
    I also think that if this lawsuit takes a long time, which it probably will, companies will think twice about making a switch to Open Source software. I don't think large companies will want to invest in implementing Linux or Open Source if it is uncertain who actually has the copyrights on it.

    Do you think the SCO-IBM lawsuit will hurt the open source community? Will this give Linux and OSS a bad name?

    Please let me in on your thoughts on this and on the SCO suit in general.


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    I wouldn't lose any sleep over this. Even if some Unix code happened to find it's way into the Linux Kernel IMHO there is absolutely no way that SCO can sue anybody. The simple fact that they have in the past and are currently distributing the Linux kernel (under the GPL) with full knowlege that "their supposed" code is included.

    Then they have the nerve to say that they are probably going to sue Redhat and Suse (their UL partner). What a collection of total morons and idiots !!

    My question is if they knowingly distribute their IP code under GPL doesn't it automatically fall under the GPL thus nullifying their legal basis for a lawsuit ?

    I don't get it and I'm sure SCO will get crushed by IBM. During Microsoft's case with several US states the case is still going on after like 6 years. IBM could probably do the same.

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    Just out of curiosity, exactly what code does SCO say is theirs?
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    Originally posted by Kaligraphic
    Just out of curiosity, exactly what code does SCO say is theirs?
    They don't. They seem to be keeping it a secret until the court date in June, then they will spill the beans.

    From what SCO is claiming, it involves System V code. That's all they will say.

    OSS will only have to worry if SCO wins (unlikely), and even if they do it woun't be difficult for the programmers to yank the offending code and re-write it so SCO can't touch them. At most SCO will ask for royalties from sold OSes with their code...

    SCO is just blowing smoke around at this point and are doing nothing but making news about nothing. We'll have to see how this fairs in the courts, but you know that IBM is not going to sit around and take it

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    Yeah, they say they are afraid to say which code is copied because then linux folks might be able to defend themselves in court.
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