**OLD/LOCKED***"What Window Mgr. / Desktop Environment?" (rant) Thread

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Thread: **OLD/LOCKED***"What Window Mgr. / Desktop Environment?" (rant) Thread

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    Enkrates Guest

    Confuzed about Window system and Desktop system, please help!


    I am a little confused about the different between a Window system and a Destop sytem.

    Which type of system keeps track of the following information; a windowing system or a desktop system?

    a) data types of files

    b) icons used to display files of various

    c) methods used to open files of various
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    X_console Guest

    The best window manager for Star Office is...

    twm. StarOffice runs much faster on it. twm consumes even less resources than BlackBox. Of course it's pretty much "ugly" from a Windows (or even some Linux) point of view.
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    hswoolve Guest
    I've got staroffice co-operating fairly nicely on bare windowmaker. I've even got it in the dock (how do I get it out of there?)
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    stu Guest

    window managers of choice?

    Hey i have tried virtually all wm and i am disatisfied with alot of them. I like bits from each of them. I would like to get efm and E running again but it probably won't be my luck to get it 2 times. I like black box but it has no shortcuts like i want. I am using sawfish and gnome right now. Can some of you guys please tell me what you use it and why?
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    Daedra Guest
    Blackbox, sleek, fast, clean

    what do you mean by you cant get the shortcuts you want in blackbox? you can create your own menus.

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    Paul Weaver Guest
    IceWM, dunno why. Nice theme for it, no stinkin GNOME/KDE bar taking up half the window.

    Alternativly afterstep without wharf. I've got off it a bit now though.

    you can see my realy boring desktop at http://www.isorox.co.uk/desktop/snapshot6.png
    if you want to get depressed.

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    wmHardRock Guest
    Blackbox. Behaves like a wm should
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    tminos Guest
    WindowMaker: too buggy for me for some odd reason. Netscape crawls, everything gets slow, and it crashes often on me. It didn't before, it just started all at once (literally). I've re-installed but to no avail.

    Enlightenement: too many "features" -- slow, bloated, and too buggy for me. Pretty yeah, but too much.

    Sawfish: okay. I use it every now and then.

    Icewm: looks too much like Windows for me thank you.

    Blackbox: too little. But it works fine, the menus are easy to handle, the only thing I would like is the ability to have a key-shortcut to popup the apps menu and so on.
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    zGoRNz Guest
    I use icewm, with a theme so it doesn't look like windows! (the default is ugly) ice has a task bar, and it has rollup, and it is fast and pretty, thats what i look for. Oh and the ability to drag a window from any corner/border. I just got kde2, really only for konqueror which kicks ***!! this is being posted with it.

    Dunt Dunt Duh...
    GoRN To The Rescue,
    Yet Again
    aim: GoRNToTheRescue
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    Strike Guest
    Enlightenment on a machine with any muscle.

    I'm beginning to like fvwm2 for a lighter one.
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    Shad Guest
    I use Sawfish, E, IceWM, and when I want to impress people- Afterstep with animated backgrounds. I keep coming back to Gnome/Sawfish though.

    When I first install Mandrake, I use KDE untill I remember to change it to something else.

    Just a Tuna in the Sea of Life
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    Paul Weaver Guest
    It's amazing how people that have hardly used windows can manage to load up xmms, add mp3's and basicly hijack my computer if I turn my back for 2 minutes.

    All I want from a window manager is

    oneclick loading of a shell window
    oneclick telnet to olib.ex.ac.uk
    oneclick access to LinNeighbourhod
    oneclick access to tkseti, licq and xmms
    oneclick changing window
    focus follows mouse and brings windows to top after about 2 seconds (1800 miliseconds)
    ability to have multiple layers of window and set them all (licq above xmms, xmms above mozilla etc.

    And I love the little processor useage thing in the bottom right - lets me know when something stupid is running (i.e. mozilla goes mad)

    IceWM covers that all, and is pretty fast.

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    Paul Weaver Guest
    Originally posted by Paul Weaver:
    oneclick loading of a shell window
    oneclick telnet to olib.ex.ac.uk
    oneclick access to LinNeighbourhod
    oneclick access to tkseti, licq and xmms
    oneclick changing window

    one click to rule them all, one click to find them, one click to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

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    Bad Sector Guest
    The first time I tried WindowMaker, I sat and stared at the paper clip for fifteen minutes trying to figure out what to do. Then I said, this is stupid and ran with my memory-hog kde.

    Then about three months ago, I was having trouble getting blackbox to work, and a friend suggested I use WindowMaker instead since it has the same menu configuration stuff plus dockapps, which rock. Once I figured it out, I absolutely fell in love. It's far lighter than KDE, of course, it looks really slick, and configuration is a little easier than blackbox (which would still be my second favorite).

    So yeah, my vote would be unquestionably for WindowMaker.

    Oh yeah, and whlie we're at it...


    Linux. Broncos. Jesus.
    Not necessarily in that order
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    TaeShadow Guest
    I love KDE and Windowmaker. I use KDE for my regular desktop computing and Windowmaker for VNC sessions.

    Oh, I almost forgot... Slackware


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