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    Question xandros file manager!


    I suppose most of you know the file manager of Xandros linux...

    I would really like to give it a test on my system, but I dont want
    to install the whole os on my system, cause slackware is doing its job pretty fine.

    My Question is: Is there a possibility to obtain just the program itself without the whole OS or does anybody of you have xandros and knows a way to extract it from it?

    Help would really much appreciated.


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    It really looks like the Windows Explorer
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    Most know that Xandros uses GPL'ed software and Xandros' own code which remains proprietary. Xandros' EULA states that " C. In addition to the freely distributable Software Programs, some versions of Xandros Desktop may also include certain Software Programs that are not distributed under the terms of the GPL or similar licenses that permit modification and redistribution. ...Copying (other than for archival purposes), redistribution, reverse engineering, decompiling and/or modification of these Software Programs is prohibited."

    The Xandros File Manager falls under this proprietary code which cannot be distributed. A quick look at the Xandros FTP source code archive shows that there is no repository for the Xandros File Manager (at least I couldn't find it after looking throught the alphabetized folders). However, all of this is probably only confirming what you were dreading - that the XFM is not available without first purchasing Xandros.

    A Google search for "Xandros File Manager warez" and "Xandros File Manager standalone" yielded nothing. After reading the highlights about the XFM I really don't know how it would benefit you if it were standalone without heavy modifications. The XFM is tightly integrated into the Xandros OS and it seems to me that it would be hard to implement the automounting, autoplaying, and autodetection of network without tying it in to many other parts of the OS.

    I feel you, I want the XFS too. I guess we'll just have to wait until the company posts enough losses to slash their OS prices, GPL the entire OS if they go under.

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    It only works with KDE 2.x and it is very easy to break so I VERY highly doubt u'd get it ro run on another system easily even if you did find it somewhere.

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