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Mike, thank you for all you have done for all of us here at Just Linux and previously Linux Newbie. You were a great asset to this community and will be missed greatly.
I've known and respected you since I joined LNO back in Feb. 2000. I have faint memories of your previous account, WattsMD, before the forum software ate that account several years ago.

In honor of you memory, I have done a G4L search on your username. The following came up which I think all of us would enjoy. It's an article on the defunct Grasshoppers' Linux Journal titled "Getting help in Linux" from nuvan.
That's awesome. He was famous even outside the JustLinux community! I guess this means I'll never get to answer a question he asked, which was going to be my sign that I had arrived as a Linux user Seriously though, he will be and has been missed these past few months here.

Anybody know where we can send condolences? An e-mail address or a real address?

I think I'm going to go read through every man page on my computer in his honor