How does a Linux user boot a new additional Linux?

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Thread: How does a Linux user boot a new additional Linux?

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    How can a Linux user multi boot a new additional Linux?

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    This is a later thread I wrote that show a lazy way to multi boot with the Grub menu prepared prior to the additional Linux installations. As an example I had 20 empty partitions ready for receiving Linux shown in this thread.

    Here are simple steps to add additional Linux distros to a bootable system using either Lilo or Grub.


    (1) A computer already with an existing Linux ( or any number of them) loaded and has its bootloader in the MBR. Let’s assume the bootloader owner Linux reside is Partition hda6
    (2) The new Linux when install, say at Partition hda7, replaces the original bootloader causing a panic to the user (instead to the kernel!).
    (3) The system now boots with the new Linux in hda7 but not the previous alternatives in hda6.

    Steps to restore the previous bootloader and include the new one for booting.

    (a) Boot to new Linux in hda7 as usual.
    (b) Drop in terminal mode, by clicking terminal or konsole
    (c) Log is as the root user (“su” then follow by password)
    (d) Replicate the bootloader in root partition (“grub-install /dev/hda7”)
    (e) Make a new directory for mounting hda6(“mkdir /mnt/here”)
    (f) Mount the previous hda6 there ( “mount /dev/hda6 /mnt/here”)
    (g) Change root to hda6 (“chroot /mnt/here”). Now you are in side hda6.
    (h) Use desktop to edit hda6’s /boot/grub/menu.lst to include hda7 for booting with lines

    title My Linux in hda7
    root (hd0,6)
    chainloader +1
    (i) Restore hda6’s bootloader in MBR (“grub-install /dev/hda”)
    (j) Exit hda6 (“exit”)
    (k) Reboot (“reboot”)

    The above works if both the old hda6 and new hda7 have Grub as the bootloader.

    If the old hda7 uses Lilo then the following replacement is necessary

    (d) Replicate the bootloader in root partition (“lilo –b /dev/hda7”)

    If the new hda6 uses Lilo then the following replacements are necessary

    (h) Edit hda6’s /etc/lilo.conf to include hda7 for booting with lines

    other= /dev/hda7
    After /etc/lilo.conf has been saved type "lilo" to update the system.

    (i) Restore hda6’s bootloader in MBR (“lilo -b /dev/hda”)

    The user can recover his previous bootloader and includes the newly installed Linux in hda7 as another booting choice. That is the method I use to build up more than 20 bootable Linux distros. Lilo and Grub can be mixed together as suggested.

    It should be pointed out that the current Lilo appears to have a maximum of 27 bootable entries. Grub can boot over 100 systems.
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