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  • Dam Small Linux

    20 11.98%
  • Debian

    41 24.55%
  • Feather Linux

    3 1.80%
  • Gentoo

    12 7.19%
  • Puppy Linux

    9 5.39%
  • Slackware

    38 22.75%
  • SuSE

    9 5.39%
  • Vector

    10 5.99%
  • Yoper

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  • Other

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Thread: The [Main] What Distro should YOU use?

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    Corporate customers need someone to call and yell at. If they can't blame Micro$haft or Red Hat, someone loses their job, and responsibility for bad decision might even *gasp* move up the chain to a VP or some rich brat with a degree in basket weaving who sits on the board. It's not so much needing everything handed to them on a plater as just needing someone to take the rap when the inevitable problem arises.

    That said, I find Fedora runs fine on old hardware using a lightweight DE like the included XFCE. So I'm offended not to see my distro of choice on the list.

    And yes, saying Micro$haft makes me a genius.
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    i started off with kanotix about2 yrs ago, it was my first linux experience! although it is based on debian sid, i never ran into problems (and i'm one of the few chicks, that use linux ;-) ), that couldn't be resolved through the then great community via forum/irc.
    kanotix then moved onto a more stable base and some devels started a new project based on debian sid and i moved with them!
    i do an apt-get dist-upgrade every now and then, or just use the great smxi-script (former du-fixes), which makes a dist-upgrade really easy, you can use it for new kernel-install, your ati/nvidia-driver-install and lots of other nice tweaks!
    although sidux only started in dec 06, they are just about to release sidux gaia, which is the third stable release since then, plus a few previews too!

    why am i telling you all this, one may ask!
    i read zugu's posts, about having to install a new os every 6 month o so, if wanting new versions of software!
    with sidux i only dist-upgrade once in a while and because it's debian sid, i have cutting-edge software!
    the scripts make sidux easy to use for newbies aswell and as i said before, the community is great and via irc you get your questions answerd in real-time! 24/7 that is! plus it has a great manual, which is available in 9 languages at the moment and a nice meta-package-installer for your needs!

    i tried lots of distros and there are a few nice ones out there, which i have on partitions for playing around, but i always use sidux as my main os!

    sorry, if this sounds like an advert ;-) , but i just really like sidux!

    have a nice day!

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    Welcome to JustLinux and share your experience with us.

    I am also fond of Knoppix and Sidux as I entered into Linux when Knoppix was at the peak of being the King of Live CD at the time.
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    saikee, thanks for your welcome!
    have you tried sidux? sidux gaia is about to come out early this week!

    i still have kanotix on my office-box and the ppl using it never used linux before and they get around fine!
    my daughter (7 yrs old) handles sidux just fine too, but i must admit, i had to install windoze again *sighs*, cause she wanted to play the new harry-potter-game and my little pony! and i can't find my codeweavers-crossover-cd, otherwise i would have tried that first! wine wouldn't do it!
    but apart from that, i never used windoze again, i threw it off my box after spending only 2 weeks with kanotix! i have learned more about my box in that time then with windoze in a couple of yrs!
    and i am still learning every day and i love it! i love it, when i find small commands that make my every day use a lot easier!
    at first i mainly used gui-based stuff, but as time went on i got to love my shell! and my typing has improved since then!

    i'm now moving onto learning how to write little scripts for my needs, any good help-website is appreciated!

    concerning the poll, i voted for puppy, as that is one fast little bugger on old pc's, as it loads completly into RAM!
    and i like how ppl design their own puplets, which one can download via the forum! there is a puppy around for every need, a teenpup, a female pup (expand barbie ), a mulimedia,DE/EN pup and so on and so on!
    plus, as it loads into RAM, your cd-drive is free and it is still a live-cd!
    shutting it down, your settings get saved, if you wish and the next startup is even quicker! (but not as quick as sidux boots, that is really fast! )

    jeez, this post was only supposed to be a quick answer! look at it again!

    ps: excuse my english, it's not my native!
    oh, and please don't forget about the sript-writing-help-website!

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    Welcome to the forum, for bash scripting give this a try.

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    Hands down the easiest and most user friendly.
    Give the LiveCD a try!
    Mepis 7.0 should be final soon.


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    4MB S3 Video

    ... running on DSL (Damn Small Linux) ...

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    Linus's choice

    I've just read Linus's own observations on choosing a distro at

    "Right now I happen to use Fedora 9 on most of the computers I have But I actually don't care too much about the distribution, as long as it makes it easy to install and keep reasonably up-to-date I'm a technical person, but I have a very specific area of interest, and I don't want to fight the rest. So the only distributions I have actively avoided are the ones that are known to be "overly technical" like the ones that encourage you to compile your own programs etc. Yeah, I can do it, but it kind of defeats the whole point of a distribution for me I like Ubuntu."

    It's produced a lot of rude comments on the web, but I see his point. For some people, fettling their computers is their hobby (and a perfectly good one), but if you've got a gazillion jobs to do on it, you just want to get the thing up and running and have it stay that way.

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    What about SliTaz ?
    Its just 30 mb.

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    About time this thread was cleaned out and restarted. Most of these distros have been long obsoleted.

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