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It is obvious to me that you are an ideal customer for the commercial systems.

Why bother trying the free Linux at all?

You should not waste time and life on a system that does not hand everything on a plate to you.

Spend your time and money to search the one that suit your need.

I recommend you try the M$ system or Mac forums.
It was already decided in the previous replies that Linux is not for me, and that I should stay on Windows or buy a Mac.

I was merely replying to the others who continued to ask me what do I see wrong with the actual software packaging model in Linux.

loopback48 did not understand how "flexibility" and "Windows" can coexist in the same sentence, and I owed him an explanation. je_fro said that what I want is "flawed", and I outlined what's wrong with Linux software packaging. Also, folkert misunderstood me, and recommended me to install Debian stable and use testing repositories for newer software (not the official way of doing things, surely not the most secure, and definitely what I don't want to do).

You have to understand that for someone coming from the Windows world, used to what you believe is defective by design, the Linux way of installing software might look crippled.