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Thread: Main "Hating Microsoft in a nutshell" thread

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    Main "Hating Microsoft in a nutshell" thread

    I first read about the Palladium Project last year. It was a 'scary' thing to read, but I dismissed it because I didn't think that these people had the right to introduce such a tyrant standard. Before installing linux I didn't have an idea of the almost total control this company had over my life, now they want to introduce this to the PC user, which will be everyone in a few years. Say goodbye to privacy, and teach your kids that newer isn't always better.

    I posted this on another message board, they were the initial ideas that came into my head after reading the micro$oft article.. so heh I was hot-headed. The HP-UX and Digital Unix comparisons came from a quick glance at the first chapter of a book covering the linux kernel.
    I'm going to "try" to make this a poll, but if it doesn't work maybe someone else can make it one.,1848,58745,00.html
    Microsofts Article.
    World-Wide Petition.

    "Since when does Microsoft care about how computers or software looks? Someone has obviously hacked and reprogrammed Bill."

    w0w!!! yea Micro$oft relies solely on it's performance benefits....

    "Formerly known as Palladium, NGSCB uses a bit of software that Microsoft calls the "Nexus" and a Security Support Component chip that encrypts stored data in a supposedly tamper-proof "vault" on hard drives. The vault is supposed to protect users' data from malicious hackers, viruses and spyware. "

    Hey.. only the government and Bill Gates in your PC now...
    Read up on Palladium and tell me what you think. I think it's the apocolypse to Microsoft, or the start of the technological war that has been brewing and talked about for a long time "Hackers" vs. "Money Hungry, sweat shop owning, fat assed, non-original Corporate Morons."
    Really, if the hardware companies were run by the real computer enthusiasts we would be 500 years in the future. It's amazing what a "Hacker" finds fun, and also what he can accomplish without a second thought.
    Ask your government why they supported Bill Gates First and Second Windows Realeases, and why they don't support NASA. Also ask them why there are claims from those original releases developers that there is components in the source code that store all kinds of information about the user. Now imagine Microsoft/Intels new "Hardware" approach, and think of what goodies will be stored on your new CPU or Hard Drive. extended L2 Cache -> early introduction.

    "We have a lot of pieces to put together yet, but eventually (NGSCB) will be a standard feature on all PCs," he said. "It's a breakthrough that both protects privacy and will allow computers to be used in ways they currently aren't secure enough to be used for."

    Yea ****ing A! They're hoping that they can securely spy on everyone without everyone knowing.

    "Co-developed by Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard"

    Hewlet-Packard. "Creator" of Unix variants: HP-UX and Digital Unix.

    "Athens' keyboard has a set of navigation keys that allow people to answer the phone or check their voicemail, e-mail or text messages with one click. Other keys control music or video playback. "

    HP's reason for buying out Compaq??? I guess the Compaq Internet Keyboard was too good to pass up. Indeed it does almost all these things.

    This won't be limited to the (P)ersonal Computer, it's going to be introduced as a standard... this goes against everything Productive in Technological Advancement. Now is the time for every person who loves his/her PC and his/her privacy to stand up and say NO.
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