Efficiency of ext3 vs NTFS

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Thread: Efficiency of ext3 vs NTFS

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    Efficiency of ext3 vs NTFS

    I'm finally in the process of killing my last NTFS partition which will leave me with 7hdd's formatted ext3. Great to finally remove the last remnants of microsoft's crap

    One quick question though. Whilst copying data across two identical drives with identical partitions but one formatted NTFS and the other formatted ext3 I noticed the ext3 formatted partition cannot hold all the data that is stored on the same drive model and partition size, formatted NTFS. I'm assuming it has something to do with ext3 cluster size compared with that of NTFS?

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    reserved space

    The most likely reason is reserved space. When an ext2/3 filesystem is formated by default 5% is reserved for root. Reserved space is supposed to reduce fragementation and allow root to login in case the filesystem becomes 100% used. You can use tune2fs to reduce the amount of reserved space.

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