How to create entries for hard disk partitions in /dev?

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Thread: How to create entries for hard disk partitions in /dev?

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    "Solved" How to create entries for hard disk partitions in /dev?

    I have a terrible job with making old distros to boot because their /dev doesn't list all high-number partitions I created.

    Typically they stop at hda24 but I want to use the maximum hda63 permitted by Linux.

    I can boot these distros, installed aat or moved to partitions higher than 24 by Grub but I would like to learn ways to persuade Lilo too.

    At the moment Lilo reports
    root@1[root]# lilo -b /dev/hda61
    Ignoring entry 'boot'
    Fatal: open /dev/hda61: No such file or directory
    It is a bit of a laugh as I boot it by Grub and using this distro to post.

    The distro I am working on is Slynux 2.0, with 2.4.27 Kernel and a Lilo 22.2 but I got others in the same situation.

    There doesn't seem a lot of information on /dev and how to create additional entries. May be I am looking at the wrong spot.
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