How to migrate XP, Vista, Linux, BSD and Solaris to a bigger hard disk

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Thread: How to migrate XP, Vista, Linux, BSD and Solaris to a bigger hard disk

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    OK. I have finished my Far East holiday and can answer your post.

    Your extended partition behaves slightly different to my prediction. This is possibly due to the way you created it as the extended partition can have one partition type. By hiding it the partition type just has "1" added to the type number and this should show up in the "fdisk -l" command in root console.

    Can you list the "fdisk -l" output (in root console) before and after hiding sda1?

    I have moved an extended partition "bodily" this way before. It should be looked upon by Gaparted as just another primary partition of unknown filing type once the extended partition is hidden. I remember doing this for upgrading a 320Gb disk to a 500Gb disk and increase the Vista partition this way. After the extended partition has been moved I unhid it and had to restore the boot loader for every distro in the 59 logical partitions inside (a Pata disk was permitted to have 63 partitions in Kernel older than 2.6.20). This is because once the extended partition has been moved "bodily" the hard disk address of each boot loader will have been changed. In your case the boot loader is in sda1 so you should have no need to restore the boot loader.

    Thus I am surprised to see the hidden partition didn't show up in Gparted. Your output suggests that you may have "deleted" the two ligical partitions if you ended up with more hard disk space later.

    In this thread where I show how one can get 44 partitions out of a hard disk (post kernel 2.6.20) you can see that I have the extended partition in all sda1 to sda4 as type 5. At any time I unhide one so that the other 3 are typr "15" which is not recognised by Linux (hence the trick to get 4x11 partitions).
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