My wife is going to need to be able to fax stuff, and we were thinking about setting up a home fax line. The problem is, I'm not entirely sure that we are getting a home phone (we close on our first house in about 3 weeks).

I was actually thinking about getting Ooma for my phone service, and they say it is possible to send faxes with their service...I'm just not sure about receiving faxes. Also, I know that in the past when companies got my old number as somehow being a fax line, I would get calls at like 3AM with a loud beeping on the other was really irritating and there was no way to tell who it was. I would almost prefer to have a dedicated fax line instead of getting annoying beeping in my ear at random times.

Anyone know of a low cost way to get a dedicated fax line (in the US)? I'm just hoping for like $5/month or something.