Secure Apcahe Tomcat combo

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Thread: Secure Apcahe Tomcat combo

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    Secure Apcahe Tomcat combo

    Linux Gurus,

    Hope some one will be able to answer a few questions here:

    I have sifted through a lot of literature but finally 'am putting my
    requirements in order (writing)

    I need the following:

    1. Need apache httpd run in non-root mode ('understand sudo will get
    me started, and apache will start initially as root-privileged and transition
    to non-root)

    2. Make group called apache-tomcat and add httpd to that

    3. Add tomcat (process) to the apache-tomcat group

    4. Add a directory (out side tomcat/apache folder) that needs to be
    write-read for apache-tomcat group. My web application needs to read write files into that directory

    How do 'achieve this? what commands would be executed.

    Thanks a bunch in anticipation

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    nothing else

    Oh, that's Great Sir !!

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