Change default OS in grub from within grub

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Thread: Change default OS in grub from within grub

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    Change default OS in grub from within grub

    So I can't boot to a linux partition on my machine anymore and I just want to use windows and I'm too lazy to actually delete the partition and fix everything and I just want to make Windows my default OS on boot. I went into the grub commandline and changed the environment variable for "default" from 0 to 2 since windows is the 3rd entry, and then i did "save_env default" to try and save that variable. Unfortunately, upon reboot, the default variable has been set back to 0.

    How can I permanently change the default boot device from within the grub commandline?


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    You have to change the Grub configuration file inside the Linux partition.

    (1) You can either get a driver (freeware) for Windows to mount the Linux partition so then you can edit the Grub configuration file within Windows.

    (2) Run any Linux Live CD and use it to mount the Linux partition for editing.

    (3) Restore the MS Windows boot loader in the MBR thereby nuking Grub. This will remove Grub in the MBR.
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