Cloning a triple boot systemin less than 17 minutes.

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Thread: Cloning a triple boot systemin less than 17 minutes.

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    Cloning a triple boot systemin less than 17 minutes.

    Cloning a triple boot system in less than 17 minutes.

    Been playing around with Solid State Drives (SSDs). After installing a Linux Mint 13, Windows 7 and Windows 8 inside a Raid0 set formed by 2x240Gb SSD I thought I would test how fast these hard drive devices could be clone. As reported earlier Ubuntu, Win7 and Win8 all took about 15 sec (from Grub menu excluding the POST time) to boot up. The latest Ubuntu has a stability issue so I am using Mint instead.

    Although the SSDs are Sata III but my motherboard can only do Raids for one set of Sata III and the other set is controlled by a Sata II controller.

    The 4 SSD are identical and as usual I just used one line of dd command by specifiying the input and output by the Raid device names from /dev/mapper.

    The 480Gb set took just 16.89 minutes to clone and all three operating systems work perfectly as expected. Windows 7 demanded an immediate reboot after detecting the SSDs were different but Windows 8 did not complain. Linux as usual never complains the change of hard disk of partition.

    The cloning speed is 474MB/s.

    When I tested the Raid0 set with "hdparm" command the best buffered read was 666 MB/s with Sata III controller on Sata III SSD. Using Sata II controller my SSD buffered read speed drops to 442Mb/s.

    If I break up the Raid so that each SSD works alone as a single hard disk the Sata III and II controllers return a buffered read speed of 467Mb/s and 250Mb/s respectively. A single standard Sata III hard disk returns a buffered read speed of 187Mb/s. Thus the new SSDs do give a significant boost to the read/write speed of hard disk.

    The manufacturer of my SSD claimed it could both read and written at around 500MB/s so I must be stretching the device close to its rated potential.
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