Need root password to update firefox in the Presto version of xandros linux

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Thread: Need root password to update firefox in the Presto version of xandros linux

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    Need root password to update firefox in the Presto version of xandros linux

    I've successfully downloaded an update to Firefox (evidently the last Firefox Linux update) and I am unable to move the files to the usr/bin directory as instructed as I evidently don't have the privileges needed (paste function is dimmed). I installed Presto from several years ago and it works beautifully except the app store and support associated with the distribution have disappeared from the internet.

    I'm trying to log on to the root directory to move the files and I don't believe I was ever given the password when I sent my $19 to

    Does someone out their know the root password for this distribution or how to reset it?

    As an aside, I actually installed ubunto for windows xp to get around this unsupported presto version, but it doesn't work at all well with my hardware, so I'm trying to stay with the Presto xandros version.

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    I think Xandos asks the root password during installation.

    It is against any forum's rule to give out password. In any case we couldn't possibly have it.

    The suggestion we have is to re-install the system if you own the hardware.

    If you use Ubuntu you should know root privilege is granted in terminal if a user prefix a command with "sudo".
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    sorry to hear your trouble. this is the first i have bothered to look into xandros, prompted by your thread. any time anybody pays money for an OS, part of the equation is guarding their investment. i'm glad yours was small.

    i just helped a friend's wife install a spendy OS (you know which one) and she had forgotten where the proprietary office suite was purchased or whether a product key was ever given her. guess what? she had to pay another $325 and blamed me for it! it's the last time i will ever try to help someone who purchases a non-Open Source OS!

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