SunBlade 2500 with XVR-1200 OpenBSD x windows issue

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Thread: SunBlade 2500 with XVR-1200 OpenBSD x windows issue

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    SunBlade 2500 with XVR-1200 OpenBSD x windows issue

    I have a SunBlade2500 with a XVR-1200 video card. It runs SunOS 10 well. I am trying to get it to run X-Windows from OpenBSD 5.2 which does not seem to start. At bootup the card and monitor are recognized. I have set the setenv input and output to keyboard and screen.

    Is there a setup tutorial anywhere? I the README file does not seem to resolve the issue.

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    I would have thought OpenBSD web page would have more informatiom.

    OpenBSD prides itself a secure system and one of its features appears to be not using X-windows. It is possible that the support of the video cards could be minimal according to its instruction of
    There is a potential security advantage to leaving this aperture driver xf86(4) disabled, as the graphics engine on a modern video card could potentially be used to alter memory beyond the processor's control.
    In searching the OpenBSD installation instruction I could only find the word "video" appearing once as above.

    I am aware some BSD systems are more friendlier in supporting X-Windows than others so may be you could try other versions to get a better use of your video equipment.
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    I also tried NetBSD and FreeBSD; both recognize the card, but neither work.

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