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    Shell script

    Any one help me how to check the day ocuurence in a month in shell script

    Example :

    the day is monday means where this monday is first monday or second one

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    Shell script an option

    I thought I responded about a week ago, still don't see it
    try something along the lines of
    DayOfMonth=$(date +%d)
    DayOfWeek=$(date +%a) ## returns Sun,Mon......
    if [ $DayOfWeek == "Mon" ] ; then
    echo " ok Its a Monday"
    if [ $DayOfMonth -le 7] ; then
    echo " Must be first Monday of month"
    elif [ $DayofMonth -le 14 ] ; then
    echo " Must be second Monday of Month"
    echo " Not a Monday its $DayOfWeek "
    depending on what you are looking for this should give a starting point

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