I have spent hours looking at posts in various forums as well as posting to various forums and receiving no replies. I thought I'd try this forum to see if things are different here.

It seems that certain DE developers are of the opinion that only right-handed laptop users are entitled to use tap-to-click. When I change my mouse settings to left-handed in KDE (OpenSUSE 12.3 KDE liveDVD), LXDE and XFCE, tap-to-click goes away and a tap on my touchpad brings up the context menu instead. I.e., a tap on the touchpad acts like a right-click for right-handed users.

I have seen replies that are way off the mark regarding this problem. It seems that some people reply without setting their mouse to be left-handed on a laptop and then seeing what happens when they tap their touchpad.

Micro$oft got this right (correct) decades ago and some Linux DEs do as well. I mostly use Linuxmint 14 Cinnamon 32 bit right now because tap-to-click works correctly for me, but I also have tap-to-click working correctly for left-handed users in Puppy Linux as well.

Will this never be resolved?