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Thread: Routing packets to IPsec tunnel

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    Routing packets to IPsec tunnel


    i have following situation. I have 2 servers with public IP and i created IPsec site-to-site VPN. On 2nd server i am running OpenVPN server. How can i force 1st server that packets destined for OpenVPN are forced into the ipsec tunnel? IPsec is configured in transport mode.


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    If I get you right, what you do is add a route on Server1.
    Like so:
    * OpenVPN uses adresses -
    * Ip on Server2 for ipsec:
    On Server1 you add a route to via
    The command, not tested taken from memory! "route add -net netmask"
    Server2 should already know about the OpenVPN network so nothing need to be done there.
    --- Edit:
    Also, if there are other networks behind OpenVPN on Server2 then add them in the same way. Like "route add -net netmask"
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