unable to install red hat 6.2

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Thread: unable to install red hat 6.2

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    unable to install red hat 6.2

    I have two computers

    computer A
    MSI Z87-G43 INTEL Z87 LGA 1150 ATX
    Intel Core i7-4770K Processor (8M Cache,3.50 GHz)

    Computer B
    This is an old machine which is more than 2 years old. It has a

    ASUS M4A785-M AMD 785G Socket AM2+ Motherboard

    on Computer B - I am able to install a Red hat Linux 6.2 but on computer A which is one of the latest model of
    computers I am unable to install Red hat Linux 6.2 - it complains that Red hat linux unable to install for this machine.

    I guess this version of motherboard/ chipset or bios settings is incorrect.

    is it possible to change some setting in the motherboard to handle this ?

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    You might want to try a newer version of RedHat to get the Haswell updates, or check that Fedora 19, or 20<beta> will install. Is efi set to secure boot?

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    Over the years I had several old computers that just wouldn't install various new Linux OS's.. I found that DBAN'ing the hard drive on the first pass just to the first 5%, did something good that allowed most problematic installs to suddenly work.. Seems that some hard drives and OS's hold nasty little corporate spy related partitions and configurations that can prevent formatting and installing on hard drives.. DBAN kills that.. Then I pull the battery for ten minutes.. ASUS towers were the worst for this.. ASUS is the Best of the best, but sometimes the toughest to force to change from windows to modern Linux.. Check that all the connectors in the tower are properly seated.. and maybe replace the hd wires.. and maybe insert other RAM cards... And forsure, burn the CD's at slowest speed possible.. and keep them super clean.. and careful to not slide CD's into the slot, plastic against CD surface, nor against the CD case nor anything.. and don't use recycled CD's for the ISO's, and never clean a CD with windex... You might try Scientific Linux when anything RedHat won't work...

    Same problem happens when trying to change from a Fedora based distro to an Ubuntu based distro.. Nothing works.. The existing OS superblocks any changes.. DBAN fixes it, by "smashing down the front door"... Sometimes you need to reset the BIOS to default.. and sometimes you need to reconfigure parts of the bios to accept the drastic changes...

    Once you've got RedHat working in an ASUS, you've got the best of the best running in the best of the best...

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