While in LiveUSB how to delete files in "/" ?

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Thread: While in LiveUSB how to delete files in "/" ?

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    While in LiveUSB how to delete files in "/" ?

    I tried to use gksudo nautilus in LiveUSB mode. The message returned was I had to create a ./config for nautilus. And would not delete the files.

    Is there a way to delete files in the "/" of the computer's hard disk drive, so that I can make room on it? I'm getting a filesystem full error and cannot boot into the Desktop.

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    / is the root of a filing system. If you are running a Linux from it the operating system is not worth having if it can be asked to destroy it self at a drop of a hat.
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    Have you mounted the hard drive? If you boot from USB the "/" should be the root of the filesystem on the USB drive.
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    Over the years, individuals develop favorite ways to do things. For such problems, I have for many years used Puppy Linux on CD or flash memory. It runs totally in Ram, but you can mount various partitions or HD, and have your way with it.

    That is, once you are booted up and mount your HD, you can delete or perhaps copy to another flash memory whichever files you need to get rid of, depending upon whether you wish to keep the files or just delete them.

    There are problems which can fill a HD by accident.. If this filled HD was a surprise, you might need more help.

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