Just finished up installing and tweaking UE 3.4.2 in this Toshiba Satelite 100..
UE started crashing while composing notes, so I ran "boot repair", which seemed to fix it..

While I was sorting and filing files and folders in the 1-tera Toshiba External hd, I happened to have "systems monitor" up and running, and noticed networking send a trickle of 23 kb, plus about 1 kb every 20 seconds while wireless was disconnected with the icon, and while network was shut down with the "edit connections" tool.. UE seems to be slowly leaking my data to the Net with the connection off..? Maybe a trojanish email address thingy is encrypting and sending my data to a spy..? I'm thinking I should DBAN UE, and reinstall Scientific Linux 6.4.. At least I know "SC L 6.4" doesn't "leak"...

Can anyone explain the "leak"..?