Installed linuxmint for first time, lines all over the place

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Thread: Installed linuxmint for first time, lines all over the place

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    Installed linuxmint for first time, lines all over the place

    Hi, this is my first time installing linux and I chose linux mint because it had good reviews. I chose to completely remove windows (wipe) and install linux mint from the beginning. But I think it may have been corrupted or something because there's jagged lines all over the place. Things change colors and some of the features don't show at all. I was wondering what I did wrong and if there is a way to completely reinstall it or wipe. I don't know what could be causing these problems :/ (the internet works though) I didn't check ths iso because I didn't know how at first (but learned how to later). I have linux mint petra 16 (my computer is version 64). I will post a pic of the screen:

    Screenshot from 2014-02-22 02:48:14.jpg Any help is appreciated!!

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    You can re-install it any number of times. Suggest to backup any useful data first.

    A new release can have bugs which may affect your PC. So it may pay to install another version, say an older proper release.

    In Linux you can install as many systems as you wish. All it needs is one partition per distro.
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    As Saike has said you can reinstall as often as you wish, but you may not need to.
    Your description sounds like video driver artefacts, if its not hardware related.
    What is your Video device, AMD, Nvida, Intel, ... you may need to use a different one that the one on the ISO.
    You might want to hit the Mint Forums( ), there are some postings about older AMD hardware not working in Mint 14 and later due to Xorg changes upstream.

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