This may not belong here, but I have to share with someone.

For many years I had an account with a Mexican/California bank, originally known as California Commerce Bank, then changed to Banamex USA. Last year they told us there were certain international transactions we could no longer make. It was stated on-line that they had perhaps possibly failed to comply with money laundering requirements of the Federal Government, though that is not certain.

And, not long ago they notified all users that they were closing as of April 1, 2016. When I went to their page it had FDIC all over it.

I got a wire transfer form by mail, which I apparently was supposed to complete with their account number and also the account number of mine to deposit the closed account. I filled it out and MAILED it to the bank. They informed me it would not be accepted, the wire transfer form MUST be "faxed" which in banker language today means sent in the open as an e-mail attachment. To email address:

It was apparently rejected as promised so today I sent the wire transfer form by 'fax', that is, by e-mail.

I will be moving quickly other funds from the account which will receive the closed account to minimize the risk.

They informed me if I did not obey their insane decision my money would be turned over to the State of California.

And, we gave these clowns 700 billion dollars?

In other contact with US banks, many of them used the term fax to describe sending financial documents as an attachment to an e-mail.