I've written a script which will traverse a directory structure and generate directory listing of sorts with an md5sum. Here it is:

It runs great on Red Hat:

find . -printf "%p\t%s\t%M\t%u\t%g\t%.24A+\t%.24T+\t%.24C+\t" -a \( -type d -exec echo \; -o -type f -exec sh -c "md5sum {} | cut -d' ' -f1" \; \)

here's one line of output:

./abc/11.5.0/sql/abc13.sql 1607 -rwxr-xr-x oraapp1 dba 2016-05-10+15:50:04 2002-10-25+16:00:57 2012-06-15+09:34:27 6714d4ba1f7ac762212b882ebdd46312

but ... when I run on Suse Enterprise Server 9 (patch level 3) I get:

./abc/11.5.0/sql/abc13.sql 1607 M oraapp1 dba %+ %+ %+ 6714d4ba1f7ac762212b882ebdd46312

Anyone know how I can make the Suse line look like the RH line? I have found that if I replce the upper case M with a lower case m I get the bit value instead of the graphical permissions (i.e. 755 instead of -rwxr-xr-x) but I really need the -rwxr-xr-x version. I'm still trying to hack away at the dates.