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Thread: VNC client to server - command line

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    VNC client to server - command line

    Hey guys,

    Would anyone know how you can connect to a VNC server from the command line? I have almost everything set but I cannot seem to be able to pass the password argument. Here is my setup:

    1- Server is on a Windows machine with the password set in it
    2- I can connect to it if using the GUI without issues
    3- I created an autostart file that launch the app when booted. That part is working np
    4- I want to automatically connect to the server without any window prompting for a password which is where i'm stuck right now

    I used the command vncpasswd to create the password file but I get an error "bad obfuscated password length" when using the command "vncviewer -passwd ~/.vnc/passwd"

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks guys

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    116 > VNC® documentation > Known Issues (Bugs)
    Date: 3 June 2008

    ID: 1153

    Program (Platform): VNC Address Book (Windows)

    Description: Attempting to connect to using a entry with an encrypted password fails with 'Bad obfuscated password length'.

    Workaround: Remove the password from the entry.

    Status: Fixed in 4.4.2.

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