Help fix bash script that mails clamscan result

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Thread: Help fix bash script that mails clamscan result

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    Help fix bash script that mails clamscan result


    i am unable to make this script working, i was playing with quotation marks, but i do not receive e-mail, i tried to replace mailing part by just echo, but nothing is printed. I wanted whole command to be one liner if possible

    #set -exu
    clamscanresult="$(/usr/local/bin/clamscan /var/tmp /tmp /home/"$(ls -lt /home|head -n 2|tail -n 1|grep -v root|awk '{print $4}' 2>/dev/null)"/public_html)" && if [[ "$clamscanresult" != *"Infected files: 0"* ]];then echo "Infected files was found: \"$clamscanresult\""|mail -s "ClamScan";fi

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    Why make it harder for yourself trying to make it a one liner.

    I see you tried using the debug (set -x) so did that provide any insight?
    You can add echo statements to aid in debugging.


    scandir="/home/$(ls -lt /home|head -n 2|tail -n 1|grep -v root|awk '{print $4}' 2>/dev/null)/public_html"
    echo "scandir=$scandir"

    clamscanresult=$(clamscan /var/tmp /tmp $scandir)

    if [[ "$clamscanresult" != *"Infected files: 0"* ]];then
    echo "Results: $clamscanresult"

    You might want to look at the clamscan options to only output infected files etc.

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    Thanks, i ended up making it a multi liner as you mentioned and then it started working.
    I have suspection the "&&" or ";" somehow breaks the variable "clamscanresult" or some problem with quotation marks.
    But OK, at least it works now. thanks

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