Hello all,

I am a complete newbie when it comes to Linux, but I was tasked with a very Linux-heavy project that I'm hoping someone may be able to provide guidance on:

Essentially, bootable-Linux USB's were created a few years ago by people who no longer work here - one creates a backup image of our Windows 10 installation and places it on a partition on the hard drive (creates files called restore, restore.000, restore.001, etc). The other USB bring up a menu where users can select to re-image their workstation (part of that script is pasted below).

What I want to do is take the functionality of that 2nd USB drive and place it on a new partition, and add a boot entry for that partition, so that if Windows crashes, the user can load up the script below and re-image their machine. The problem I'm running into is the USB was created with Grub, and it will boot up even if the USB drive is 2nd in the boot order after the Windows hard drive (when I copy it to the partition on the hard drive it boots up to it immediately every time, even without creating a Boot entry for it).

My (long-winded), 2-part question is:

1) Is there a way to change the settings of a GRUB-bootable USB so that it won't "override" the boot order and force itself to be booted to every time?

2) If that's not possible, is there another Linux boot option I can use with this script that will allow it to only boot when selected?

Below is the first part of the script to give some insight, I didn't want to post the whole thing as it's pretty long and I wrote too much already. Please let me know if any additional information would be helpful, and thank you in advance!

# Script to create menus and take action according to that selected menu item.
while :
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo " * * * * * * * Main Menu * * * * * * * * * * "
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo "[1] Fix the MBR"
  echo "[2] Reimage the Workstation"
  echo "[3] Eject the CD and Reboot"
  echo "----------------------------------------------"
  echo -n "Enter your menu choice [1-3]:"
  read yourch
  case $yourch in
    1) echo "The MBR will now be fixed"


echo "";
echo "";
echo "Started";
echo “Performing the MBR Repair.”;
#echo "Writing partitions.txt to disk.";
sfdisk -l > partitions.txt;

#echo "Parsing partitions.txt";


exec 3<&0
exec 0<$FILE


#the two lines below let me use other constants for testing