Built in folder slideshow in Windows 10!!

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Thread: Built in folder slideshow in Windows 10!!

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    Built in folder slideshow in Windows 10!!

    Hi there. I'm helping my grandfather upgrading to a new pc from Windows 7 to Windows 10. He uses the Windows explore diasshow/slideshow and can absolutely not live without the fade effect.

    With Windows 7, he used the built-in diasshow/slideshow that you could play directly from a folder. He loved the fade effect option, instead of just a quick change of image. See attached image if I didn't explain it well enough

    https://redtube.onl/ https://beeg.onl/ https://spanktube.vip/spankbang/

    With Windows 10, the diasshow/slideshows doesn't have any options at all. Is there some way I can bring the fade feature back? If not, what can you recommend of SIMPLE apps that do just the same for my 87 year old grandfather?
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