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Thread: enlightenment 16.4 problems

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    mis Guest

    enlightenment 16.4 problems

    Just upgraded last night and I am noticing some problems. I have the pager from gnome on the panel, so I click on the 1st desktop (top left) and I can open the terminal or most applications fine. BUT, if I open netscape it opens it in the panel and when I click on it 3 times it opens but it the 4th desktop(bottom right)???? What is going on? I tried this as root and when I open netscape it opens in the iconbox for enlightenment so I click on it there and it opens in the window I am in. But as the user I have closed the iconbox and can not get it back. Is this what iconified does? Did I somehow tell it to open netscape this way? Damn am I confused. Part of learning I guess.

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    Strike Guest
    Hmm.. I'm not sure I understand what is going on (or really what the problem is). But then again, I've never used E 0.16.x with GNOME before (only 0.15.5). I think DR16 (E 0.16.x) is more trying to get away from usage with DE's like GNOME, and so you will start to see double coverage of features (like two pagers, a GNOME and an E one; two ways of handling iconified programs, with an E iconbox and the GNOME panel; etc.). So, if you can live without GNOME, I'd say try using E on its own (that's what I use when I use the X Window System), or if you must use GNOME, do what RedHat decided to do and try it with Sawfish instead (it's pretty neat).

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    mis Guest
    Do you know how I can get it to stop opening like that and open normally?

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    veloctTX Guest
    Try this:

    Let it open in the 4th desktop, drag it to the one you want and then set the remember for it to location and desktop. That should do it.

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