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    bluesky Guest

    internet sharing

    I have read through many messages on sharing internet connection and it appeared that the consensus is to use IP masquerading or IPchains.

    1. Are they the same?

    2. Is there any other way that is simpler?

    3. I use rh v6.1 which has built in IP masquerading, does it mean that if I select IPchains, I also won't need to rebuild the kernel?

    I have 2 rh v6.1, one of them connected to internet by dial-up modem.


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    Bill Guest
    There is a newbie help file on just this subject posted on this very website, click on the NHF's link on the top left of your screen.

    Did I do that?

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    Craig McPherson Guest
    IP Masq'ing is simply a technique (a specialized for of Network Address Translation, NAT) for allowing computers to access an external network (like the Internet) even though they don't have IP addresses on that external network, by going through a computer that does. The NAT box catches packets from computers on the internal network being routed through it to the Internet, removes the source address from the packets, and puts its OWN Internet IP address on the packet. When it gets a response packet, it removes its own IP address from the destination, sets the destination equal to the computer on the local network that started the communication, and sends the packet back onto the internal network.

    Ipchains is a tool for controlling the firewalling/NAT capability built into the Linux kernel.

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    jpoyner Guest
    Hey I have been looking for help for a long time on this subject. One resource that I found is this.

    I havent tried the program yet, but I hope to have time this weekend. Let me know if this is anything helpful.

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    bluesky Guest
    I have tried the method from IPMasq HowTO & the derived method IPChains NHF. When I ran the tests from the HOWTO IPMasq(testing IP Masquerade), all the pings from the internal Masqed computers to the internet addresses failed.

    I am not sure what to do next?

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    qweqwe Guest
    post your ipchains rules and also out put of ipchains -L

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    bluesky Guest
    It all works now!!! What a great feeling. Thanks a lot for all the responses. The posts of this site are really great.

    Now I need to work on the printer, sound and of course SAMBA...

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