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Thread: Need a Laptop!!

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    nisim7 Guest

    Need a Laptop!!

    I need a nice laptop with linux installed and a modem that works. Please write with offers and I will get back to you

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    cs30841 Guest
    i have a thinkpad 365xd 133mhz laptop for sale. the modem is a pc card that works with linux i just dont know enough about how to set it up to set it up for my isp. it would dial just not collect. i can load mandrake 7.1 on it. the only thing is you will have to get older libraries to get X to run. im asking $300 for it but can be talked down.

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    utter_macabre Guest
    I have Dell Latitude Xpi P133 Laptop. It's in awesome condition. I have two hard drives which are easily popped in an out of the side with thier own try and handle. One is a 1.2Gig sporting Win98 and the other is a 2.1Gig sporting Mandrake 7.2 with XFree86 4.0 already configured and running. It has a 56K V90 pcmcia modem with the X-Jack so you just plug the phone cord right in there, and a 3Com 10/100 network adapter with the RJ45 dongle. It has 32Megs of ram, and it comes with a carrying case and a docking station. This is a sweet laptop, I've spent alot of money on it, and it has never done me wrong. I am asking $475 for it, but I will be open to a pay-plus-trade deal if you have some other hardware to get rid of.

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