how do i send mail from command line with postfix?

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Thread: how do i send mail from command line with postfix?

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    forrest Guest

    how do i send mail from command line with postfix?

    for instance... with sendmail....

    mail -s blahblah

    i'm just trying to have portsentry let me know.

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    klamath Guest
    'mail' should work fine. Postfix supports the sendmail commandline interface, so you can even use that if you want.

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    Darth Tminos Guest
    For me it is /usr/sbin/sendmail here. I made a symlink in /usr/bin to /usr/sbin/ though.

    klamath: thanks for sugguesting Postfix

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    forrest Guest
    hmmmm.... cause i tried that, and it hung there for about 1/2 an hour for before i came back, and nothing had happened.

    it's on a default mandrake install if that helps.

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    maxl stylee Guest
    i'm using Mandrake 7.1

    i just use


    and then it asks for the subject....then the body...then Ctrl + D

    and that always works.


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    forrest Guest

    works. and then it asks me for the subject, and the body, and then cc.


    mail -s mysubjecthere

    just sits there for a reeeeeeealy long time. and never sends any mail. whats up with that?

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    Hi, in case you haven't figured it out yet

    when you type the below command in CLI
    nothing is happening because you need to enter the body of the message
    then send the message

    mail -s mysubjecthere

    so, mail -s mysubjecthere

    would become

    %mail -s mysubjecthere
    your message goes here

    the DOT is the EOT it tells sendmail you're done with the message

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