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Thread: verrry interesting Apache logsnip

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    Kinda funny, one of those servers you had listed was a government server
    *Wiggles his screen* HEHEHE! AGAIN! AGAIN! *wiggle* *snap* OH GOD NO!...I broke my degauss button! *cries*

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    code red worm does NOT affect apache, its an IIS specific exploit..however it will mess with any Cisco 600 series DSL router thats running an older version of CBOS, if you have webaccess enabled...for anyone on QWEST who hasnt already been hit, I suggest you disable web in CBOS because you will eventually see it, if you havent already.
    I reconfig' my Cisco last month, forgot to disable it, and was hit yesterday :<

    [ 20 July 2001: Message edited by: glowworm ]

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    I am from the future. Code Red does not pose a threat in the future. Move along.

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