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Thread: Problems Creating Partitions in Install

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    Problems Creating Partitions in Install

    (This post was placed on but no one bothered to respond to it)

    I have Mandrake 6.0 which I tried to install from the CD-ROM. I was able to get to the Custom Install and then Disk Druid.

    When I then tried to create the partions on hda5 (drive E on my Master HD) I ran into problems.

    I hit F1 to add the partition and then entered a / for the Mount Point. I selected Linux Native as the type and 1 for the Size but did check the "Grow to fill disk". For some reason I only got a partition that was 7MB.

    I then tried to create a 128 Swap partition in hda5 but got the message that it could not do it due to not enough space. I do not see how this is possible since I have 2GB on that partition.

    Any way I hit the back button and did not try to save what I did and started again with the same results except that this time when I went to get out of it I was told that I had partitions that were not written to at all.

    I did get out and restarted my machine in Win 95 and everything looks to be ok with each partition having the same amount of space as it did before I tried to install Linux.

    What is it that I did wrong and how do I fix it ?

    Will I need to download a program like Ranish Partitoner to help me or instead use the Linux Fdisk?

    When I started in Disk Druid the only partitons it showed were hda1, hda5, hda6 and hdb1 before I tried to partition.

    My system:
    AMD 266
    Master HD 5.7GB formatted in FAT 16 with 3 partitions
    Slave HD 810MB FAT 16

    Thanks for any help.


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    at least i find disk druid very clumsy, try doing the same thing with fdisk. its faster and much better.

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