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    Trackpad Support


    I'm on a WallStreet G3 PowerBook running OS 8.6. I've got 512 mb RAM and two hard drives: one a 4 GB and the new one a 30 GB.

    I've just installed Yellow Dog Linux 2.3 and can boot into and out of it easily. I use KDE 3.0 as my GUI.

    Does YDL support tapping the trackpad as a substitute for clicking [return] or [enter]? I can't find such support while poking around the GUI's configuration settings.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Trackpad Tapping - Answer

    Hi again,

    I found the answer to trackpad tapping support on the YDL site under the "Howto" button.

    It's a simple fix:

    pico /etc/sysconfig/mouse [ENTER]

    comment out the trackpad option by inserting the pound sign as follows




    # TRACKPAD_OPT=notap

    Write out the file, which saves and compiles it, and reboot. Voila!


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