OK guyz,
Someone in Israel released this guide, I dont really know how to do what he wrote, but may be you do..
req: if you can rewrite the stages in a more newbie-friendly way, do it please...

btw, the driver/program should work in other places than Israel, just use the configurations of your own country, if they excist there

enjoy (sorry about the publisher's typos)

This is a "micro" version of how-to to use the Rotal ADSL modem - it`s quite

1. Download the CVS snapshot (the driver is ECI ADSL version 0.6pre3) from

2. untar (tar zxvf usb-ads-cvs.tar.gz) ; cd into the directory and simply do
3. become root (everything else will be done as root from now on)
3. do: make install
4. run: eciconf.sh - a GUI configuration will pop up. Set the DNS to Bezeq
Intl., the ADSL to ASKEY, the VPI to 8, and VCI to 48. Set your username and
password, and finally - hit the "Create Config" button.

An example screenshot how it should look after configuration is available at:

5. Connect your USB ADSL modem to your Linux machine. Connect the ADSL phone
line to the small "filter". You should see only the power line is turned on,
not the "Link" LED. If you see the "Link" LED flashing - disconnect the ADSL
modem from the USB, wait 40 seconds, and reconnect.

6. type "startmodem" - the script will upload the firmware to the ADSL modem
and will "run" it - this can take between 10-30 seconds, depends on line
quality etc. I had various times. After the setup stage it will dial to your
ISP negotiate (authentication) and it should have your PPP link up.

7. Before you smile - if you have an ethernet card, do: "add route default
ppp0" or else you won`t be able to talk to the world.

If everything goes ok - you should have by now PPP connection up (do: ifconfig
| grep ppp to see it). You can simply check it by doing: ping - it
should bring ping results.

8. to kill your PPP connection, either do "ifdown ppp0" or "killall pppd".

Now - some notes:

1. I don`t have a clue why, but with Bezeq International DNS settings (at
least what "dig" gives me -, - I get lots of
DNS unresolving problems - sites like news.com, www.zdnn.com, and many others
are not resolved. Does Bezeq Have other more reliable DNS servers?

2. If you`re disconnected suddenly - you won`t see it on the "Link" LED. Even
if you disconnect the ADSL phone line, you`ll see the "Link" LED still on.
This is a driver is development stages.

3. I have tested this driver on Red Hat 7.3 and Red Hat 8.0 - with Intel 82801
Chipset for 2 hours - no disconnection problems to me - so your experience
maybe different then mine.

4. If you rolled (compiled) your own kernel - then you might need to compile
some modules. See the TROUBLESHOOTING file inside the tarball.

5. Before you scream for help - please read the TROUBLESHOOTING file - there
are quite few questioned answered there. You can also join #eci channel in
irc.openprojects.net - just be polite.

6. The modem start/stop stuff as well as the modem "driver" are still in
development stages. Once it will be stabilized, it will be rewritten as a
kernel module, and the connection/disconnection will probably become a GUI
(unless someone wants to write some KDE/GNOME applet), so I`ll update the
driver accordingly.

Finally - thanks to:
* ECI ADSL team - who helped me a lot with all those firmware testings
* Katriel who was the first to provide me some space
* Meni from Rotal who borrowed me the modem
* And of course - to people like Doron, Dvir, Amir, Gilad, Oleg who encouraged me.