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    Question Disk error 01 ??

    When I tried to boot from my RH 8.0 cd , before I can get on with the installation, I got an error message as follow:

    ISOLINUX .75 2002-06-14 isolinux: Failed to get sector size, assuming 08100
    isolinux: disk error 01, AX = 42CD drive FF

    Boot failed: press a key to retry...

    I have partitioned my 2Gb hard drive using Partition Magic Pro 7.0 in to 2 primary partitions in which the 1st 1,799Mb is of type Linux Ext2 and the other 267Mb is Linux Swap
    I have also tried to make the 2nd partition as a logical 267Mb Linux Swap or delete all partitions leaving only one DOS partition but still got the same message.
    I also tried with RH 7.3 and Mandrake 9.0 and they all have the same problem. The strange thing is that when I use RH 7.0, it still had some error messages but I can still go ahead and install it and get it working without any problem.
    Has anyone ever encounter this strange behaviour ? If so, would it be possible that you can shed some light on me ?

    Thanks !

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    Since it happens with other distros/versions, I would suspect a hardware problem.

    Check your bios settings first and if possible, use another cdrom drive.
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    What kind of harddrive?
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