Arrested for using the wrong browser

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Thread: Arrested for using the wrong browser

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    Arrested for using the wrong browser

    I just found this article, this is rediciulous.

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    Some how that wouldn't shock me.
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    Just a case of a bad admin freaking out because he saw something he didn't understand...

    The guy that reported him should be fined for false accusition, or something like that...

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    I see that only the brightest get to run one of them fancy websites.

    I don't know why they didn't bother to question the person before storming into his house.

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    That's a great story!! It's a shame that it's so believable. If I got arrested swat-style, I'd def sue that guy.

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    Beneath the article you posted, I saw the headline for the following article:
    Appparently, Sweden is tightening their copyright laws to ban BitTorent files and Linux software. Their excuse for banning Linux is that it can be used to circumnavigate copyright protection.

    Lemesenow, the EU is pressing charges against Microsquash, while Sweden is banning Linux. I guess people are buying stock in Apple computers over there.

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