Mount NTFS Filesystem Before O/S? Needed for school.. thanks

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Thread: Mount NTFS Filesystem Before O/S? Needed for school.. thanks

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    Unhappy Mount NTFS Filesystem Before O/S? Needed for school.. thanks

    I realize this isn’t quite a linux question, but from prior questions of this forum, it seems the linux community is the most open minded about solving problems, and the most friendly. Sorry is this post is inappropriate.

    Recently I’ve been given the opportunity to develop my IRC bot in school, two full periods in a four period day. Here’s my problem, and hopefully someone can help me. Years ago I purchased MSVC++6.0Pro, and have since come to take a liking to the g++ compiler. Our school uses Microsoft Windows XP with the Borland compiler, which my friend, who will be helping in the development, and I don’t care much for. We wish to install development tools we are comfortable with, Cygwin and MSVC. The problem arises when the county administrator tries to blow us off claiming he’ll ask his supervisors if he can install the products. It’s been weeks and with his reputation of “no work for me yet I still get paid”, and with our teachers permission, we’ve decided to take matters into our own hands. The two computers we wish to install the programs on have a protection system called “Deep Freeze”. We’ve not much understanding of exactly how this program works, but it seems to take an image of a hard drive when it first starts and call that the c:, protecting the actual disk from changes. When the computer restarts, this virtual drive is cleared, and the hard drive remains unaltered. We’ve found a way around this, all one must do is boot the computer into a dos-like prompt from a diskette, and rename the folder in which the program resides (quite easy). However, these computers use WinXP, and yes the NTFS file system. How to get around this? We were able to obtain a copy of “NTFSDos Pro” from a friend in network security. With the boot disks it produces, we are able to boot the file system in a dos-like system… almost. Running this program gives us an error, and when crosschecked with the official website, they describe it as being…

    “Why do I get an error message similar to "Hi, I'm exception 000E...?"
    That error occurs when the volume has been upgraded, or converted somehow. Normally, when you create an NTFS Partition, it will write the Master File Table (MFT) at the beginning, and one at the end. If you extend the volume or do some other things (numerous) it will not move the MFT, merely increase its size. NTFSDOS Pro wants to see the other MFT to be sure it can see the entire drive. Please contact technical support.”

    ..which can be found here:

    We seem to be stuck at this point. If anyone can think of a method to fix this error or another way to mount the file system without loading the O/S or installing any other software on the computer (since that’s what we’re trying to do), it would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, I’m not sure if this is appropriate, but anyone interested in our bot, it can be found at the following address:

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    use xp to make your boot disk guarnteed that way

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