Ok, its 20 years from now, and a new age is brought upon the computing world as Microsoft, under force of the federal government, concedes defeat and enters the new GNU computing economy. So MS enters the GNU playing field with GNU-NT (same ole NT just a new license with GNU tools ie gcc, vi, emacs...) with nifty Windows(R) interfaces around them (MS Visual Studio becomes an ide using gcc...)

Would a GNU/NT operating system atract members of the "geek" community? Would you use/tinker with it? We always sit here and posit the plausibility of a MS Linux, I say screw that, they are too proud of their own work. A GNU/NT is perhaps just as improbable, but would it be attractive to the GNU community?

Forgive me if this has been debated endlessly, it has sprung into my head and must be shared!