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  1. Can Cache-control: public cause dynamic pages being cached and thus non changing?



    when i click my website .php page details i see the response headers contains:
    cache-control public, max-age=2592000
  2. iptables NAT prerouting rule does not forward the traffic?


    on one server, the iptables rule like:

    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 48280 -j DNAT --to

    worked to forward server's incoming traffic at...
  3. How to verify some nameserver is using correct IP to resolve certain web site?


    i want to know if i used correct IPs in the nameservers i registered in my domain registar.
    how can i verify the IPs used are helpful in resolving to a website and if some IP is wrong, is...
  4. Yes, changing A record for the domain and www....

    Yes, changing A record for the domain and www. subdomain on provider 1 was enough to "redirect" web traffic to provider 2.

    First i changed TTL of the DNS A records and a MX record to 300 (5...
  5. DNS system - Nameservers vs A record. Can use any of these two to change my hosting?

    Hello, when on my domain i am using nameservers of the provider 1 and in the hosting control panel of the provider 1 in DNS section i set A record to point to a IP address of the hosting provider 2,...
  6. Thanks, i ended up making it a multi liner as you...

    Thanks, i ended up making it a multi liner as you mentioned and then it started working.
    I have suspection the "&&" or ";" somehow breaks the variable "clamscanresult" or some problem with quotation...
  7. Help fix bash script that mails clamscan result


    i am unable to make this script working, i was playing with quotation marks, but i do not receive e-mail, i tried to replace mailing part by just echo, but nothing is printed. I wanted...
  8. The best command that shows to which server the IP is routed?

    What is the good Linux command that shows an IP address of the server to which an IP or IP subnet is assigned?

    I know the asigned IP, but not the IP or subnet of the server to which this IP is...
  9. How to use bash script to fetch webpage contents while i need to submit form also?


    i would like to create bash script to discover whether certain IP is listed in some of the blacklist

    Here is example service that checks many blacklists
    I would...
  10. Use grep to find files matching several file types that contain certain phrasses

    Hello dear members,

    im having linux bash script to search around 30 pathes for files that contains phrasses from my phrasses file. This is the command used:

    /bin/nice -n 19 grep -sRil...
  11. It seems you do not understand the issue well,...

    It seems you do not understand the issue well, the thing you said i would assume myself. I rather asked on exact explanation how he can do it or such. Your explanation is useless in my case, i...
  12. "The anti-clickjacking X-Frame-Options header is not present."


    "Nikto", Linux website security software told me:

    "The anti-clickjacking X-Frame-Options header is not present."

    im curious if anyone can explain how serious is this issue? What harm...
  13. Which php functions are essential for adding content into file or uploading file?


    please without which php functions would be impossible to add content into file or upload an file from (computer or url) within an php script?

    i wish to find which functions are...
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    https means that URL is known?


    when i visit
    and navigate to some subpage on that domain, my internet provider can know that subpage URL or title and only thing that is encrypted are that webpage...
  15. Compare files & deduplicate file without sorting?


    i got two files with several thousand lines

    and i want to deduplicate file1 (remove from it lines that already exist in file2)

    these lines contains various symbols like quotation...
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    How to empty file every n hours bash


    im running an bash script every 10 minutes
    and if possible i want to add an command into that script so certain file is emptied every 5 hours.

    That file i want to empty is being...
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    Do i need gateway IP for a KVM VPS?


    i have host server on which is virtualization (KVM) and one KVM VPS.
    Host server has one IP and i bought additional IP for my VPS (/32) so i think there is no gateway IP for this...
  18. Help stop abuse, bulk email IP owners bash script


    i have list of IPs and path to place where is hosted an badware application on that IP.
    Can you please help me to complete bash script that will email IP owners and send them path to that...
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    How to add whitespaces into variable, bash ?


    i dont want to store variables in separate file,

    i want to have in script something like:

    variable="some phrasse
    other phrasse
    this is \"third\" phrasse"
  20. Bash script do not works when redirecting output to dev null

    Hello dear members, i have an bash script (i added it here) and im running it like every few minutes by cronjob from linux command line:

    crontab -l
    */3 * * * * /path/to/ > /dev/null
  21. When i set command in variable, is it executed too?

    Hi, i want to ask about back script syntax.

    As you can see below, i set variable vmrestartt which runs complex script command vzctl ***

    I want to ask if it mean that when i define this...
  22. How to automated SSH pub. key generation and sending to remote servers?


    im working on a script which will allow several folders synchronization acros multiple servers.
    On eachs erver the script will download data from rest of the servers via rsync via ssh...
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    Thx, im using something like what You suggestedin...

    Thx, im using something like what You suggestedin the "find" command, but still there are quite alot of results (im searching thru around 15 linux filesystems), thats why im sking what im asking.. if...
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    Large variable in bash script, is it wise?


    in my script i need to find newly added files added accross server HDD and check if they contains certain phrasses (30 phrasses)
    so i made something like following code, but i dont know if...
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    How prevent malicious php files being added?

    Hello, from time to time in my sites structure (various CMSs) appears malicious .php files.

    So im unable to discover on what is the bug or how they managed to appear. the hosting password was...
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