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  1. Okay thanks for the info. After getting responses...

    Okay thanks for the info. After getting responses to my posts in the kde, and gentoo forums it seems it's something that the folks at sabayon have done.
  2. echo just returned a blank line. Interesting...

    echo just returned a blank line.

    Interesting that it can be done with the Gnome version and not the KDE version. I wonder what was changed between the two, aside form qt and gtk+. Have you done...
  3. Logging into kde 4.2 as root in Sabayon 4.1

    I've recently installed the kde version of Sabayon 4.1 in a virtual box virtual machine.

    Sabayon like many distributions has adopted a policy of preventing the root account from logging into KDE...
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    I'm looking for a tool I used with mysql but I can't remember where I found it or what it was a part of. It was called mysql_set_permission. Has anyone else heard of this?
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    Thanks for the replies. I will go with a...

    Thanks for the replies.

    I will go with a wireless router. I just wasn't sure what the best solution was to this situation.
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    Wireless access point

    This is a general network hardware question.

    My sister-in-law just signed up for verizon dsl. The modem they sent her does not have wireless capability. Unfortunately there are no phone jacks near...
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    vmware error in Sabayon 3.4E

    I'm running vmware workstation 6.0.2 in Sabayon 3.4E 64-bit. When I try to enable accelerated 3d graphics in my win2k and linux virtual machines I get this error. cannot open shared...
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    I've had 5 WD hard drives and one seagate. One WD...

    I've had 5 WD hard drives and one seagate. One WD drive and the seagate died but I think that might have been the powersupply or the motherboard that caused the failures, not sure which. The rest of...
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    I'm currently using this card ( ASUS N7600GS...

    I'm currently using this card ( ASUS N7600GS SILENT)
    It can be had for 76 bucks at newegg. Right now this card is running like a charm under Sabayon 3.4E. It card handles all the effects that are...
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    I have and he's really a republican in name only,...

    I have and he's really a republican in name only, he's a libertarian. If he ends up as the Republican candidate for President or even an Independent he'll get my vote.
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    Eudora is now open source

    Just wanted to let every one know Qualcomm has donated Eudora to the open source community.

    You can read about it here,1895,2180649,00.asp

    And you can get it...
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    The best argument against democracy is a...

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.

    A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on

    A pessimist sees...
  13. Motherboard and Video Card compatibility question

    Hello all I'm helping a friend set up a pc she can use to learn linux on. The motherboard of her pc is this

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    There is sabayon...

    There is sabayon too...
    Sabayon is a breeze to install. Although with the initial installation you are installing binaries but after that, upgrading programs installing...
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    Of course. I figured it out it was an error on my part.
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    qt3 compilation errors on sabayon 3.4

    I've upgraded from sabayon 3.3 to 3.4. I'm trying to build mythtv using this howto I've downloaded and installed both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of...
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    Easily upgradeable Email client

    I'm looking for an email program that is easy to upgrade. I've been using Thunderbird since 1.0 and I'm fed up with the program. When ever I've upgraded either thunderbird or my distro I've always...
  18. Well I tried to uninstall and reinstall...

    Well I tried to uninstall and reinstall module-init-tools with the USE flag -no-old-linux and no-old-linux. When that didn't work I used reiserfsck and used --check --fix-fixable --rebuild-sb and...
  19. Think reiserfsck --rebuild-sb would work? And...

    Think reiserfsck --rebuild-sb would work? And would that trash that partition?


    Alright just uninstalled that package and reinstalled it with +no-old-linux, I think. I did it with...
  20. etc/modprobe.devfs not being automatically generated in Sabayon 3.3

    I seem to be having a problem. During the boot process I get the following error.

    etc/modprobe.devfs has not been automatically generated. use modules-update force.

    Once the computer is up and...
  21. Using the GParted distro to resize partitions

    This is to anyone who's used the Gparted distro. I want to resize all the partitions on my sda drive and I was wondering if what I had in mind will work.

    Here is the current layout of sda's...
  22. I recently switched to sabayon after using...

    I recently switched to sabayon after using slackware for years. I like it, even managed to get both mythtv and vmware to work.

    I tried Gentoo a while ago and it was way way over my head. I don't...
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    There is no pid to delete.

    There is no pid to delete.
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    Getting Mysql to start in slackware

    I'm having a little trouble getting mysql to start automatically in Slackware 11.0. During the install I selected the option to have mysql start automatically. Now when I boot slackware it states the...
  25. printing to a printer that's connected to a switch

    I have a small network in my house it consists of a Broadband modem, a wireless router, a network switch and two computers and a new Hp LaserJet2600N. The two computers and the printer are all...
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