The following are trading guidelines to help ensure a good trading experience for both buyers and sellers:

- Forum is for private individuals to sell/buy/trade hardware. No dealers or other commercial interests.

- You MUST post a price for ALL FS deals and FS/FT deals.

- You cannot sell something you do not have in your immediate possession.

- No bootlegged software sales. Anyone who knowingly buys or sells bootlegged (Warez) software through this forum will be BANNED!

- No sales or trades of Academic or NFR (NFR means Not For Resale / Not For Retail) software.

- No SPAM, NEF'ing, or TROLLing.

- No multi-level marketing schemes.

- No auction style posts (take it to eBay). This includes links to auctions on other sites too.

- No misleading thread titles. (nude pics, goats, etc.)

- No alcohol, tobacco, firearm, or any weapons sales.

- No Pornographic (XXX) items.

- No H or HU (DSS cards) card sales. This includes software for enabling DSS emulation, which is not legal in the U.S.

* Please Note: PayPal's terms of service now prohibit charging buyers a "service fee" or "service charge."

If you have any questions, post up or PM this Forum's Moderator.