The moderators and editorial staff of JustLinux would like to welcome you to the new home of the JL Help Files Library.

We have decided to move the Help Files into the forum area of the JustLinux Web site for two major reasons:

First, we wanted to start codifying the huge wealth of knowledge about Linux that is located within the tens of thousands of posts in the JL forums.

Second, we wanted to take advantage of the pre-existing Web search engine located within the vBulletin forum.

This project will be something that will take place in two phases, one short term and one long term.

The short-term phase of the project will be the immediate migration of the contents of the Help Files Library into this new HFL channel. As the files are migrated, we will identify those files that are in desparate need of updating and then update them.

The long-term phase of the project will be the ongoing addition of useful information to the HFL channel.

We will identify existing threads in the other channels that will fit the Library criteria (a problem solved in a concise manner) and copy them into this channel. Feel free to PM the moderators or myself if you find such a thread.)

We have also invited members to share their knowledge with original contributions to the HFL.

A few idiosyncrasies about this channel: first, you will note that all the threads in this channel (save this one) are locked. This is to prevent the inadvertant changing of existing threads in the Help File Library.

Also, all new threads for this library will be moderated before they are posted. This will prevent the inclusion of threads that don't meet HFL criteria and allow the JL editor (me) to edit incoming additions to the Library to match a consistent style.

We hope you will get real advantage out of the new structure of the Help Files Library. As the library grows, we expect that new sub-forums will be added to accomodate growing sections of information, and we welcome any suggestions you might have.

Brian Proffitt