If you like to have the Adobe Acrobat plugin for your browser or you don't like gpdf but you HATE the ugly font/look you get with Adobe Acrobat Reader, this will help you.

First of all, if you aren't running Gnome as your DE, then the colour of the app will be the hideous default dark colour. To make acroread take on your gtk app background colour, you need to set the following xprop:
xprop -root -format GNOME_SM_PROXY 8i -set GNOME_SM_PROXY 1
Second, to change the vile default UI font. Locate the app-defaults/AcroRead file. On my system, Acrobat is installed to /opt so the path to the file is: /opt/Acrobat5/Reader/intellinux/app-defaults. Make a backup of this file BEFORE you change anything. This file has all of the acroread UI settings in it. On line 11, you should have : *FontList:

I set mine to:
It's not Antialiased, but it at least matches the font I use for all my other apps.

If you don't know what to change it to, then run the xfontsel program and mess around with it. Basically, you just click on fmly, slant, wght, etc. and change their settings around until you get a font that looks close to the one you use and then you repalce the font name in the *FontList: line in the ACroRead file.

Hope this helps.