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    Community Help Posting Guidelines

    In order to provide and receive better assistance at JustLinux, here are some guidelines to help you find the answers you need.

    Please read and abide by the following posting guidelines and review the

    The JustLinux administrators/moderators reserve the right to remove or lock any threads in their entirety if deemed to be inappropriate or do not adhere to the JL posting guidelines as stated below.

    1. When posting a new topic, ensure the subject line relates to the question being posted and not i.e. 'Help Me!!' or 'Newbie here'.

    2. Include all pertinent information that may be required for the JL members to troubleshoot your problem. Distro/version, Hardware specifications, 'Exact' Error Message(s) etc.

    3. Submit your question only once in the most appropriate forum that relates to the content of the question being posted.

    4. If posting multiple (unrelated) questions in the same thread, it is suggested you split the questions into separate threads so each can have a proper and relevant subject.

    5. Please search the JL forums for previous threads on the subject of your question by using the forum "Search" button located at the top of every page, or by using the link provided below. The is a very good chance that your question has been asked and answered here before.

    6. Google for Linux is a suggested search engine for error messages etc. Review the Advanced Search, Preferences and Search Tips for assistance on the G4L website.

    7. Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

    Suggested Links

    How To Ask Questions The Smart Way

    JustLinux Help Files

    JustLinux Forum Search

    Google for Linux

    The Linux Documentation Project
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