Trick to a clean Suse 9.1 Install

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Thread: Trick to a clean Suse 9.1 Install

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    Smile Trick to a clean Suse 9.1 Install

    After struggling with 3 bad installs of Suse 9.1 on three different computers I thought Suse 9.1 was a bad version. Perviously I had installed 9.0 without a hitch.

    I finally found out how to do a Suse 9.1 install that works. The trick is to do a default installation (do not make custom choices of software). Complete the install.

    Then do an online update after booting for the first time. One of the updates is the kernel. Do not do the kernel upgrade yet. Take all the other updates.

    Boot once again and do the kernel online upgrade.

    Boot once again and install all the custom software you want. Everything works perfectly ... a great distro after all!

    Knoppix installed on the hard drive is my favourite but Suse is a good one too.

    Ian Soutar

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    Thank you very much for posting that I am sure someone will find it useful
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    Also thanks and I've moved this to the 'How I did it' forum.
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