How much HDD space do you have??

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Thread: How much HDD space do you have??

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    How much HDD space do you have??

    Whats up?

    In 1997 my family got a new computer with a whopping 6.6 Gigabytes of HDD space, and my dad thought that it would serve for years to come.

    About 9 months ago I bought a 120 gigabite HDD and I though I was in heaven but now it doesnt look like much.

    Now my active HDD collection looks like
    computer 1
    40gb master
    120gb slave

    computer 2
    80gb master (I'm not supposto use)
    40gb slave (mine)

    How much do you all have??

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    Playing around with "df':
    df -h
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hdb1 19G 4.2G 15G 23% /
    /dev/hdb5 40G 5.3G 35G 14% /mnt/Suse
    /dev/hdb6 19G 1.3G 18G 7% /mnt/navynos
    /dev/hdb2 47G 6.5G 41G 14% /home

    df -h /mnt/winxp
    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/hda1 58G 11G 48G 18% /mnt/winxp

    Plus I have 35 GB on hdb that is not formatted, and 20 GB on hda not formatted.
    So- an 80 GB and a 160GB
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    Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    15G 232M 15G 2% /
    76G 321M 76G 1% /home
    115G 14G 101G 12% /home/brian/storage
    9.8G 2.6G 7.3G 27% /usr
    15G 134M 15G 1% /var
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    Right now, on this comp, shawn, it has 80gb....plenty enough for me....[about 15 gb is free]

    the other comp, bob, which i never really use, has 800mb HD...hehe...
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    This computer(Mandrake) --> 60GB master, 40GB slave
    Win XP --> 80GB master, 80GB slave
    Laptop --> 30GB

    Most of them are pretty full, I think I need to delete some stuff or get another drive...

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    As it says in my sig, 80 on the desktop and 20 for the laptop. Desktop's not even close to being full even with a backup of someone else's hard drive on it, but the 20 is pretty much packed solid.

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    Running totals:

    2.5GB (2GB+500MB SCSI) on my router
    18.9GB (4.3GBx5 SCSI in a RAID5, 800MB, 2.1GB IDE drives) on my fileserver
    140GB (2x30GB IDE, 80GB SATA) on my main box
    16.1GB (4x4.3GB SCSI, 160MB SCSI) on another fileserver
    6GB (2GB+4GB SCSI-I) on one Mac
    4GB (4GB SCSI) on another, and
    2GB (2GB SCSI) on another.

    ... Throw in a 10MB drive on an XT and a 40MB on a Mac SE/30 , and I'm running 189.541GB. What sucks is that my wife's box has more space on one box (2x60GB, 1x80GB = 200GB!) than I have on 9 boxes!
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    This is going to be embarassing.

    I have 20 with a combined storage of over 1800Gb.

    Majority are ATA disks, 4 are 2.5", rest are 3.5" range from 2Gb to 200Gb with 2 being SATA.

    All except 2 are screwed down inside the laptops. Rest are in caddies, including the 2.5" laptop disks, that I can put into any of the 6 boxes instantly as internal drives.

    All the hard drives are set to cable select. Master and slave depend solely on the position of the cable they are attached to, thus their roles in the computer can be swapped by the positions I inserted them.

    Not one of my hdd is permanently fixed inside a desktop computer.

    In caddies all of them can be used as external drives too in my two extenal enclosures.

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    80gb on my desktop and 4gb on my server.
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    Roughly half a terabyte in my server and all systems combined are near the terabyte mark. Some large IDE drives and a scsi array........LOL Sad part is that half of the capacity is full.........
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    Originally posted by saikee
    This is going to be embarassing.

    I have 20 with a combined storage of over 1800Gb.
    Would you be willing to send me a 200Gb drive... I don't think that you'll miss it?

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    40gb master, 40gb slave

    hda1 bootable 65.81M msdos 7.10,WinXP Recovery Console
    hda2 106.93M /boot for slackware, dd'ed grub to hda1 to chainload
    hda5 263.21M swap
    hda6 6448.59M slackware 10.0
    hda7 33131.40M WinXP Pro SP2, NTbootloader in hda1

    hdb1 bootable 131.61M /boot for gentoo, chainloaded by hda2
    hdb2 509.97M swap
    hdb5 10117.10M gentoo (used mostly! )
    hdb6 10117.07M file store for hda7 (reiserfs)
    hdb7 10117.07M testing for reiser4, empty, reiserfs, ready.
    hdb8 10117.07M arch linux 0.7

    Only hda1 and hda7 are vfat. only /boot are ext2. all others are reiserfs.

    BTW, I seem to be having free space with my HD. Its not full at all. And I frequently have to reinstall XP, and I keep neglecting it. So sad...

    Oh, this time, I tried to use OSNews' recommendation to use freeware for windows. it WORKS!!! Try it now! I don't like using propietry stuff, and openoffice's files are smaller than rich text format! YAY!

    And the use of SP2 means some of my hardware fails
    That means I have to refrain using my printer (MPC 190S) which I had to use windows before. Whats the use of buying it then?
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    Originally posted by Cerf
    Would you be willing to send me a 200Gb drive... I don't think that you'll miss it?

    Not that I'd know what to do with it. To fill up my 80 I'm going to have to start doing digital video or something. It's a nice problem to have for a change.

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    main box - 60gb ide maxtor
    - 200gb sata seagate barracuda

    server - 40gb ide (brand unknown, I didnt buy it)

    PPC6500 - 6gb ide seagate barracuda
    -306gb- unless Im mistaken, I've got the most so far
    edit: aside from saikee so we'll just not count him lol
    (hey alex, I finally got that old world mac going )
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    my server has 2x80 and 1x40, desktop has 4,10,30, and my laptop has a 40, so all together i have 284 gigs

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